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[Q&A] TripIt Talks Email Marketing Strategies for the Travel Industry

When it comes to traveling for business, customers have more options than ever before.

You can use apps, websites, wearables, and mobile devices to stay organized and ensure that you get from Point A to Point B.

Of course, many of these options can cause more problems than they solve. Anyone who has frantically searched their inbox for a plane ticket or travel itinerary knows just how frustrating this experience can be when you’re trying to make a meeting.

We recently got the chance to talk to Devin Ruppenstein and Charity Lorenzen, who are part of the marketing team at TripIt (owned by Concur), about how the company has worked to build email marketing strategies to solve these challenges.

Here’s what Charity and Devin had to say about TripIt, email marketing, and the travel industry:

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Testing your marketing for the Apple Watch just got a little easier, kind of.

Weekend Reading: Test Your Website for the Apple Watch, The Real Definition of Responsive, and More

Happy Friday! This week has been a busy one at Movable Ink. Aside from talking about how Nickelodeon used contextual marketing to create “share-together” experiences for recipients, we’ve been getting ready for some big webinars.

Next week, on April 30 @ 1pm EST, we’re hosting How to Build Next Generation Responsive Emails with Litmus. Right after that, on Tuesday, May 5 @ 1pm, we’re hosting How to Bounce-Proof Your Marketing with BounceExchange.

Both webinars are sure to be really helpful and informative! Check them out if you’re interested.

We’ve also been keeping track of the latest about the Apple Watch as it first hits stores. Read about how to test your website for the watch and more below:

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Nickelodeon used weather-targeted, contextual marketing in an email campaign.

How Nickelodeon Used Contextual Marketing to Boost Click-Throughs by 75%

The forecasts were getting pretty dire. News channels were throwing out crazy words like “snowmageddon.” Businesses and whole cities were shutting down in anticipation of what was supposedly going to be a huge blizzard.

When Snow Storm Juno hit, Nickelodeon was ready. The morning of the storm (or light snowfall, depending on where you were), Nickelodeon sent out an email with a snow day activity pack for all the preschool parents who were going to be looking to do something with their kids once school got canceled.

By using contextual marketing in an email campaign, Nickelodeon’s marketing team ensured that the message around the email changed depending on the local forecast for every recipient.

But how? And how well did a contextual email message perform?

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[WEBINAR] How to Build Next Generation Responsive Emails

Building responsive emails can be a time-consuming task for any email team, especially if you have to code each element by hand. If you’re not that familiar with HTML or coding in general, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

And when it comes to responsive email design, the competition isn’t waiting. Companies are on totally different levels in adopting responsive techniques. While many marketers make sure that each email is responsive, 42% say they rarely or never create responsive emails.

It’s time to change that! Join Litmus and Movable Ink for our webinar, “How to Build Next Generation Responsive Emails,” on Thursday, April 30 @ 1-2pm EST to learn exactly what goes into building a responsive email – and what responsive emails need to look like in a world where 66% of email opens are happening on mobile devices.

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LDV Vision Summit on May 20

Visual Content + Context = Better Engagement and ROI for Email Marketers

It’s well established that visual content is often much more appealing and effective than plain text when it comes to engagement and conversions across all customer touch points and marketing channels.

This holds true for products on eCommerce sites, social media posts, content marketing and email campaigns.

For example, research has shown:

– 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results

– 67% of eCommerce consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product

– The engagement rate on Facebook for posts with photos is 37% higher than text-only posts

But how can email marketers add context to the equation to further increase customer engagement and conversions?

This is the question I’ll be covering at the upcoming LDV Vision Summit on May 20.

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Google's Mobile Algorithm changes could change search rankings a lot.

Weekend Reading: Google’s Mobile-Acalypse, Email Marketing in the UK, Cross-Channel Marketing in 2015

Happy Friday!

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about responsive email design and showing examples of travel and hospitality emails that are using different elements of dynamic, contextual content.

Meanwhile, there’s been a renewed focus on responsive design in general. Google’s mobile algorithm update on April 21 is set to cause something of an SEO apocalypse among websites that aren’t mobile-optimized. Econsultancy recently released an exhaustive report on UK email use and Experian broke down the challenges and opportunities in the digital marketing landscape this year.

Here are those three stories for some light weekend reading:

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Mobile Device Targeting

Device Detection for Responsive Emails: What, Why, How

We’ve all gotten emails that haven’t exactly “worked” on our phones. Usually, we delete them without giving them a second glance. Even if they’re responsive emails, there’s another problem: they look good, but they’re still hard to use.

That’s why device detection for responsive emails is so important. Mobile is a predominant force in email, but creating emails that can actually detect – and react to – different devices can be tricky.

With the right technology, you can actually create emails that detect and display different content depending on the device on which they’re opened – from Androids, Windows Phones, iPhones, tablets, and desktops alike.. all without the complicated hand-coding that’s usually involved.

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Travel and Hospitality Banner Ads

12 Examples of Next-Gen Emails from Hotels, Cruises, and Airlines

Summer is just around the corner, which means that vacation season is about to officially begin. Hotels, cruises, and airlines are all starting to ramp up their marketing spend to get in front of potential customers and this year, as with every year, email marketing is going to play a big role.

Of course, your competitors are going to be sending a ton of emails, too. So how can you make sure that your campaigns stand out?

Well, some brands are starting to create emails powered by contextual marketing. That means building elements of emails that change in real-time – whether that means weather forecasts to help guests prepare for their stay at a hotel or seating charts that get updated in real-time right within an email.

Next generation emails are all about responding to not just what devices need, but what customers need in that moment. But what does a “next generation” email look like? And how are travel and hospitality brands using them today?

CTA ButtonWe collected 12 examples of next-gen emails and put them together in our new lookbook, “12 Next-Gen Travel & Hospitality Emails.”

Ready to get inspired? Download it here!


Marketing TOols

Movable Ink’s Vivek Sharma Shares Marketing Tech Tips

Movable Ink’s CEO, Vivek Sharma, recently wrote a piece for breaking down five tech solutions that can help boost a startup’s marketing efforts.

Touching on online advertising, multi-touch attribution, CRM systems, email marketing, and marketing automation platforms, Vivek offers a list of different vendors and tactics that can help any business looking to grow.

Want to read the full article? Check out “5 Tech Solutions to Boost Your Marketing Efforts on