Only 50% of email marketers like their ESPs.

Weekend Reading: Only 50% of Email Marketers Like Their ESPs

Happy Friday! It’s been another busy week at Movable Ink. We recently published our guide, “10 Responsive Design Hacks” to help email marketers find a straightforward resource when they’re working on designing responsive emails that look great on mobile devices.

We’re also prepping three great pieces on the UK email market: an infographic about the state of mobile commerce in the UK, a research report about the state of email and device preferences, and a UK-specific Inkredible 5 lookbook.

Email has very much been in the spotlight recently. VentureBeat discussed how many brands are challenged when it comes to finding an ESP that meets all their needs and eMarketer published a new survey about the leading challenges in 2015.

Here’s a breakdown of those stories and more for your weekend reading:

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Instagram can help engage email subscribers.

3 Reasons to Use Instagram Photos in Your Emails

When you get an email from a brand, you’re not used to seeing anything that’s all that surprising. Maybe it’s about a sale, maybe it’s about an event. Either way, no one really gets a rush from checking their inbox.

Social media, on the other hand, is something that is constantly unpredictable and exciting. That’s why more than a quarter (28%) of the average user’s time online is spent on social networks.

That doesn’t necessarily mean social channels are more profitable. Email ROI is still much higher than social media. What marketers should really strive to do is integrate live social media feeds right within the inbox. That way, you combine the engaging power of social with the ROI power of email.

Instagram, as a visual medium, is especially powerful. Here’s why:

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IGT reduced email production.

How IGT Reduced Email Production Time by 80%

IGT’s DoubleDown Casino, an online and mobile social casino, has one main marketing strategy: surprise and delight their customer. And to reach customers, the business often relies on email marketing campaigns.

That often proved to be a long and arduous process. Emails had to be designed and coded by hand. But, by using Movable Ink’s workflow tools, DoubleDown Interactive was able to cut email production time from 7-10 business days to just 1 – 2 business days – a reduction of about 80%.

Here’s how DoubleDown Interactive revolutionized the email production process and what the company does with all the hours that have been freed up:

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Instagram Influencers

The 3 Different Kinds of Instagram Influencer Campaigns

This is a guest post from Misha Talavera, CMO and cofounder of NeoReach.

Many companies have gotten interested in using Instagram for business. But where can you start? And what kinds of Instagram marketing strategies are really effective?

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to connect with influencers who already have a substantial following. That could mean engaging them with hashtags, offering them control of your channel for a day, or hosting a contest.

Here are three brands that used Instagram to connect with influencers in order to drive business:

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Content Marketing Conference 2015

It’s Official: Marketing is Becoming Media

This week, I attended the inaugural Content Marketing Conference, an event hosted by Writer Access and Rising Media in Las Vegas at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. The list of sessions was diverse, with speakers from startups, enterprises, and publishers all coming together to reflect on the future of marketing.

If there was one big takeaway from the conference, it’s that marketing is becoming media. This was a theme that was first touched upon by Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer of Forbes, and expanded upon in nearly every session.

To develop a great content strategy, marketers need to ensure the brand is as much a publisher as a company. And that means marketers are acting more like journalists than ever before.

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[VIDEO] How to Design a Responsive Email

Google has updated its search algorithm. More than two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices. And the Apple Watch is opening up whole new ways for digital marketers to get in front of customers.

Responsive email design has become imperative for marketers that want to ensure that customers have the best possible experience whenever and however they open your emails.

But how can you build a responsive email? Well, aside from making sure you’re brushed up with the latest tips on making emails look great on mobile, you can find platforms that help streamline the responsive design workflow.

At Movable Ink, we provide a way for email marketers to streamline the process from start to finish. All you need is a .PSD file that you can upload into Movable Ink’s contextual marketing platform.

From there, you can slice and re-slice different parts of the file in order to create an interactive email experience.

Here’s a short video we put together to show you how it works, courtesy of Steven Joya, our community manager here at Movable Ink:
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The least and most mobile industries for email marketing.

[RESEARCH] The Most Mobile Industries for Email Marketing

Every quarter, we conduct email marketing research across more than one billion emails and compile the US Consumer Device Preference Report. Specifically, we analyze how people are opening emails and which devices they’re using to do it.

Last quarter, we discovered that almost 67% of emails were opened on mobile devices. In our Q1 2015 research, that number edged upwards, reaching just over 67% of all emails.

We also took a look at mobile commerce coming from email. In a separate study of almost 60,000 emails, we found that 63% of conversions were coming from mobile emails. But the iPhone converts a lot better than other mobile devices.

And how do different industries read emails? Well, our research found out.

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3 Ways to Streamline Your Responsive Email Workflow

This is a guest post from Geoff Phillips, Senior Editor & Email Specialist, Email on Acid.

With an estimated 67% of emails being opened on mobile devices, responsive design for email is no longer an option, it’s a requirement for successful email marketing campaigns.

And—content creation aside—the email design process can be quite daunting. To optimize your workflow, consider the following tips:

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A Guide for Responsive Email Tips

[GUIDE] 10 Quick Design Hacks for Responsive Emails

Marketers know that it’s imperative to create responsive emails. Consumers are opening emails on mobile devices in record numbers and if the emails aren’t mobile-first, there’s a good chance they’ll get deleted.

But what does a great responsive email really look like? And how do you build one?

Our new guide, “10 Quick Design Hacks for Responsive Emails,” offers 10 tips that can help you design emails that look great on smaller screens and bigger screens alike.

In it, you’ll learn everything from the ideal email width and font size to what buttons should look like and how many columns should be in an email.

Download the guide and start building responsive emails!