A/B Test Real Time Video

[Video] How to A/B Test in Real Time

Email marketers know that to really have success in email, you have to optimize, optimize, optimize. That means experimenting with subject lines, format, time of send, and more. Of course, to test effectively, you have to split up your audience – which means that half of them receive less compelling creative. When Email A outperforms Email B by 50%, that can be a big problem.

With contextual marketing technology, it’s possible to overcome that challenge. Real-time A/B testing allows marketers to test two different sets of creative (or multiple sets of creative with multiple different elements) and then, when one set of creative outperforms another, to automatically switch out the losing creative with the winner.

This ensures that everyone on your email list gets the best possible experience and maximizes your email marketing ROI.

Want to learn more? Watch this video from our product marketing strategist, Steven Joya, about how to use Movable Ink’s platform to set up a real-time A/B test for your email campaign:


Want Better Email Engagement? Start Emailing More.

Email personalization is one of the most important things today. If you send people campaigns that aren’t relevant to what they want at that moment, there’s a good chance they’ll delete your email – and either unsubscribe or just never open future emails again.

In general, marketers have been wary of sending too many emails every week. More targeting means better return. But does more frequency mean more unsubscribes?

Return Path recently ran a study to find out. The brand analyzed more than 600,000 email account holders and discovered that, if you target the right subscribers, you could increase email opens by as much as 43%.

Spamming Like It’s 1999

No one wants to get categorized as spam. That damages overall email deliverability and risks permanently ruining your relationship with your customers. But marketers might be overly cautious, too. With new innovations like personalization and Gmail’s Promotions tab, email inboxes are a far cleaner, more trustworthy place than back in the day when email marketing began.

The people most loyal to the brand (and the brand’s emails) may also be interested in engaging on a more frequent basis. Return Path’s research showed that account holders that send three weekly emails instead of two to the top 24% of email recipients (“primary subscribers”) who account for 83% of opens, there’s increased revenue and increased opens.

That said, this means segmenting based on email open rates. “Secondary subscribers” made up 65% of users, but only 16% of reads.

“With the secondary group, you have to measure the value of the types of emails you’re sending them,” Tom Sather, senior director of research at Return Path, told Direct Marketing News. “You may want to look at their activity beyond mere click-through. What are they looking at on your website when they get there?”

Experiments in Frequency

What this research really shows is that marketers need to rethink every step when optimizing email campaigns. If you increase email send volume by about 33%, you can’t necessarily send the same email campaigns over and over. Instead, you need to focus on content.

Sather said as much. As long as people are already “fans of your products,” then they won’t always be looking for sales. Instead, create content in your emails that is engaging and relevant to their interests.

By experimenting not only with frequency but with content and targeting, companies can increase opens and revenue while building better relationships with customers.

API Integrations for Email CampaignsBuilding engaging emails means making them interactive and seamless, too. In our eBook, “7 Ways to Use API Integrations In Your Email Campaigns,” we show how Dunkin’ Donuts uses API integrations to pull in Instagram photos and tweets into emails, how EZLinks used the technology to offer real-time reservations for golf courses across the country, and more.

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3 Reasons We're Excited for the Experian Client Summit Las Vegas

3 Reasons We’re Excited for the Experian Client Summit

In a little under a week, the Movable Ink team will head out to Las Vegas for Experian’s Client Summit. As we’re packing our bags and getting ready to travel, we thought we’d let you in on three reasons we’re especially excited about this year’s conference:

1. We’re speaking about our passion

We’ll always jump at the chance to share our love of contextual marketing. On Thursday at 1pm – during the breakout sessions – we’ll be presenting on why context is crucial in email marketing and how you can drive real ROI with your data. Specifically, we’re talking about why predefined widgets aren’t enough for your contextual marketing needs and how to solve that problem. The full event schedule is available here.

2. There’s a chance to win big

With two raffles going on – one run by Experian, one by our team – there’s a unique opportunity to win big (and that doesn’t include the allure of Las Vegas’ famous casinos!). If you’re one of the first eight people to sign up for a strategy session with the Movable Ink team, you’re automatically entered into a raffle for a surprise Las Vegas experience. Not only are those great odds, but you’ll have solo time with an expert to discuss custom apps in email.

3. It’s the perfect place to connect

With a theme like Utopia, we can’t imagine a more perfect place to connect with our clients and friends. See you there!

What are you looking forward to at the Experian Client Summit? Let us know and be sure to stop by our booth in the Partner Square to say hello and get some swag!


[WEBINAR] How to Supercharge Email Campaigns with the Power of Social Media Data

We recently ran a survey about how marketers are currently integrating social media and email marketing campaigns. While we’re still analyzing the results and preparing it for release, we can give you a hint about the findings – things aren’t looking too good.

We discovered that about 40% of respondents said they “rarely or never” integrate social and email campaigns; more than 80% said that campaigns “always” or “sometimes” run without involving one another.

A lot of this has to do with the challenge that data presents. To combine email and social, you need to get customer data from social channels and pull real-time data into the inbox.

So how do you do that? Movable Ink and ShortStack are hosting a webinar on Thursday, July 23 at 1pm EST where you’ll learn how to turn fans and followers into leads!

Register for “How to Supercharge Email Campaigns with the Power of Social Media Data” to learn how you can integrate email and social in new ways and build relationships with followers and fans in the inbox.

Email signups need to get more exciting

“Please Email Me”

A few weeks ago, I went to see a band. I didn’t really know what to expect. I hadn’t been to the venue, I had only heard the band once before, and it was a Wednesday night – not exactly prime time.

But the band was really, really good and the live performance was spectacular. When they had finished their set, the singer came off the stage with a clipboard and tried to get just about every single person to sign up for the band’s email list.

“Do you want to sign up for our email list?” she asked me.

“Yes, please email me,” I said.

When, I wondered, was the last time anyone ever said that?

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Future Email API Integrations

[WEBINAR] How to Build Next-Gen Emails with API Integrations

At Movable Ink, we’ve been talking a lot about how API integrations can help bring your email marketing to the next level. Whether you’re trying to make it easier for customers to upgrade their seats, make a reservation, or you just want to show the latest product deals in real-time, API integrations can create new and exciting experiences in the inbox.

So how do you get started? Join our webinar this Thursday, July 16, at 1pm EST to learn how it all works.

Our product marketing strategist, Steven Joya, will take you through how API integrations have evolved to offer marketers limitless possibilities when it comes to customizing the email experience. You’ll learn how contextual marketing technology can revolutionize your emails and allow you to really think outside the inbox.

Register for the webinar today!

Spotify Content Marketing

How Warby Parker Thinks Musically When It Comes to Email Content

Despite all of the innovations in analytics, big data, tracking, and marketing technology, the biggest concern for email marketers is the same as always: click-throughs.

No matter what else you can track, you want to make sure that people are actually interested in the email content that you’re getting. Research from eMarketer shows that the leading challenge for email marketing success is low clickthrough rates, with 53% of respondents saying that it was an issue.

So how do you improve click-throughs in email? Through better content. Content that offers real value, right away, instead of hitting recipients over the head with a sale.

Here’s how Warby Parker did it in one recent campaign:

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Choosing and email marketing technology

5 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Email Marketing Technology

The amount of email marketing technology available to marketers is growing rapidly. In addition to email service providers, there are now contextual marketing solutions, marketing automation platforms and much more. However, purchasing this technology can be difficult – often it involves buying a product that does something you have never attempted before. What information should you be getting from your potential vendors to ensure you choose the best tool for your money?

In this post, we will arm you with five questions you should ask before making any email marketing technology purchases.

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Social Media + Email

[RESEARCH] Email. Social Media. Together?

When marketers think about email marketing and social media marketing, they don’t often think of the channels as a cohesive unit. In a lot of companies, the teams are split up. Sometimes, the email team will be in the marketing department and the social media team will be in the communications department. Either way, email and social are often siloed, limiting the impact of both the reach and ROI of both.

At Movable Ink, we’re curious about how marketers are integrating email and social today. Are you adding social buttons to emails? Are you promoting social media campaigns right to your audience’s inbox? What social channels are proving to be most effective?

In our survey, The State of Email + Social 2015, we’re hoping to answer these questions and more. Want a copy? Fill out the survey and sign up for our email newsletter, so we can email you the completed report!

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Steak & AB Testing

Steak, Real-Time A/B Testing, and Email Marketing

Any email marketer who has been in the business a while knows the power of an A/B test. The tiniest changes can make the biggest differences, whether that’s tweaking a single word for the subject line or writing one sentence just a little differently.

The problem with traditional A/B testing is that you have to split up your audience. And that means half of your subscriber base is going to get the losing creative. So if one version is getting twice as many click-throughs, you’re losing a lot of potential engagement… and business.

But what if you could A/B test your email campaigns in real-time? Fresh Direct did just that… with steak.

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