[eBook] Re: New Responsive Email Strategies

It’s Spring! The sun is starting to shine and flowers are starting to bloom. But in a lot of ways, email marketing strategies are still in the same old rut as before. Emails are effective, but few brands are trying anything new with them.

This Spring is the perfect time to change all of that. First, email marketers should think about how to renew their responsive email strategies.

According to Pew’s research around mobile device and behavior, phones have become tools for everything from public transit to banking and job searches. So for marketers that means when you’re creating anything digital, it’s no longer an option to ignore responsive design.

This also has big implications for a customer’s relationship with a brand’s  responsive emails. When customers are using their mobile devices for so many different things, how can your emails fit to suit their current needs?

In our eBook, we cover how brands can start to do that.

eBook_ReNewResponsive_mockupDownload Re:New Responsive Email Strategies and you’ll learn:

– How customers are using mobile devices today

– How marketers need to think of “responsive” in a mobile-first world

– Five different ways you can create next-generation responsive emails


The Report About Smartphone Use Every Email Marketer Should Read

Email marketing report about responsive design

Responsive design. Responsive emails. Mobile-optimized everything. Usually, when marketers are talking about creating mobile experiences, they’re talking from a design perspective.

After all, that’s the most important thing, whether you’re talking websites or emails or collateral. Responsive emails can get very technical very fast. How wide should an email be? How big should your text be?

The thing that’s talked about less often, though, is user behavior. What are your customers likely doing while they’re checking their inboxes? What’s more effective when it comes to driving engagement on mobile devices?

Well, Pew just released a comprehensive report, US Smartphone Use in 2015, that sheds light on a lot of these questions:

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Instagram & Email Marketing: The Power of the Contest

Instagram + Email

Combining social media channels with email marketing campaigns has always been a delicate art for some and a total headache for others. Some companies have totally different social media teams and email marketing teams. That means that strategies and content often aren’t in alignment. And, consequently, the channels operate in a silo.

But what if you could combine the rapid-fire mobile engagement of a channel like Instagram with the dedicated, direct touch of email marketing campaigns?

Integrating Instagram content within an email can help grow both channels.

Instagram is the fastest-growing social network today, outpacing Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Last December, the social network announced a milestone of 300 million users.

So how can brands make the most of Instagram and supercharge their email marketing campaigns in the process?

One way is to host a contest. Here’s how Saks Fifth Avenue did it:

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The Top 8 #AprilFools Emails

April Fools Emails

April Fools’ Day is one of marketing’s cheesiest holidays. This year was no different. Google pretended to invent a new kind of “smartbox” for direct mail and flipped the search bar on around. Microsoft pretended to return to BASIC for a “clean and simple” design. Honda debuted a selfie-taking rearview mirror. At Movable Ink, we debuted our contextually relevant fireball technology.

April Fools’ email marketing campaigns came pouring into inboxes. We sorted through a lot of the holiday’s best emails and came up with eight that really stuck out.

Without further ado, here are our top eight April Fools’ emails:

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Responsive Emails Examples

9 Examples of Awesome Responsive Emails

When marketers are creating responsive emails, they’re often occupied with how the email will look on different mobile devices. That’s an important part of creating an effective mobile email marketing strategy, but it’s not the only thing that companies need to think about.

The relationship customers have with their inboxes dramatically changes when they’re looking at emails on a phone. While responsive email design strategies can help make sure that your emails look as good as possible on mobile devices, they can’t do much to accommodate user behaviors.

That’s why email marketers need to fundamentally rethink how customers interact with emails.

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[Q&A] Kat Johnson of Allen Edmonds Talks Contextual Marketing & Email

By allowing brands to create dynamic content that can change in real-time, contextual marketing has opened up new opportunities for email marketers to connect with customers and offer them more personalized experiences.

This is how Kat Johnson, Marketing Manager of Allen Edmonds, has started creating new kinds of email campaigns for customers. We had a chance to catch up with Kat about how Allen Edmonds is using email today.

Here’s what she said about Allen Edmonds, context, segmentation, and more:

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Movable Ink Introduces A New Solution for Contextually Relevant, Red-Hot Mobile Emails


Have you ever really wished you could really blow up your customer’s inbox? Have you wanted to send emails that literally catch fire?

Well, Movable Ink is proud to announce that we’re finally going to make that possible for email marketers. We know that it’s a challenge to stick out in the inbox and we’ve been working to make it possible to send red-hot mobile emails that are going to be impossible to ignore.

Our brand new, patent pending Contextually Relevant Fireball Technology™ allows companies to decide whether they want to send customers a boring old email or fling a ball of flame right into a customer’s face.

Contextually Relevant Fireballs™® are the latest in email marketing. With the power to create time-sensitive offers that burn customers who don’t act fast enough, brands will finally be able to market in the moment with highly visible, red-hot deals.

The best part? Contextually Relevant Fireballs™®© run on a mobile-first platform that’s compatible with some of the latest wearables. We’re planning to reach out to potential partners such as PYRO Handhelder Fireshooter so that email marketers can send their customers a personalized fireball with just a flick of their wrist.

Want to see Contextually Relevant Fireballs™®©§ in action? Well, check out this video of the PYRO Handheld Fireshooter and just imagine that each and every fireball is a limited-time sales offer, a once-in-a-lifetime discount, or a real-time loyalty program that’s simply too hot to touch:

And just one last thing about our innovative Contextually Relevant Fireball Technology™ – April Fool’s!

3 Geo-Targeted Emails: Clothes, Rewards Programs, Shoes

Geo-targeting in emails can help improve conversions and click-throughs.

If email marketers have learned anything over the past few years, it’s that every customer is now a moving target. They’re checking emails on their phones and tablets, which means they’re doing a lot of different activities at the same time.

Responsive email design strategies play a critical role in this new world. Customers are always on the go and your emails need to offer real-time content that reflects their needs in the moment.

One simple way to do this is to start creating geo-targeted emails. Ordinarily, a customer checking their personal email on a lunch break isn’t too likely to redeem a discount offer. But if they see a personalized map that shows that a store is right around the block, that can change.

Geo-targeting can help brands create contextual marketing campaigns. Here are three companies that have used maps in emails effectively:

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