3 Ways to Streamline Your Responsive Email Workflow

This is a guest post from Geoff Phillips, Senior Editor & Email Specialist, Email on Acid.

With an estimated 67% of emails being opened on mobile devices, responsive design for email is no longer an option, it’s a requirement for successful email marketing campaigns.

And—content creation aside—the email design process can be quite daunting. To optimize your workflow, consider the following tips:

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A Guide for Responsive Email Tips

[GUIDE] 10 Quick Design Hacks for Responsive Emails

Marketers know that it’s imperative to create responsive emails. Consumers are opening emails on mobile devices in record numbers and if the emails aren’t mobile-first, there’s a good chance they’ll get deleted.

But what does a great responsive email really look like? And how do you build one?

Our new guide, “10 Quick Design Hacks for Responsive Emails,” offers 10 tips that can help you design emails that look great on smaller screens and bigger screens alike.

In it, you’ll learn everything from the ideal email width and font size to what buttons should look like and how many columns should be in an email.

Download the guide and start building responsive emails!

Email Examples

Weekend Reading: 100 Email Marketing Examples, Search is Mobile and Conversions are Next

It’s been another busy week here at Movable Ink! In addition to getting the recording up for our webinar, “How to Build Next Generation Responsive Emails,” we released our new research, the Q1 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report.

We also hosted a new webinar, “How to Bounce-Proof Your Marketing,” with our friends over at BounceExchange and discussed in depth why email ROI beats social media ROI by a huge margin.

In April, we talked a lot about responsive emails and it seems like it was the time to do it – Google just announced that more searches are happening on mobile than desktops. Learn about that more this weekend:

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Terrible subject lines need to be changed to maximize conversions and opens.

5 Horrible Subject Lines and Why They Fail So Spectacularly

This is a guest post from Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice.

When it comes to marketing emails, consumers actually don’t mind them much. Some 60% of consumers say they read marketing emails, but only 16% do so with any kind of regularity.

Why the huge dropoff? Because in their haste to send off the next email blast, marketers too often employ terrible subject lines.

This surreptitiously undermines the remaining email marketers who understand the importance of the subject line and spend time constructing a clear, relevant 40-character phrase.

What follows are five of the most egregious examples of subject line gibberish taken directly from my inbox:

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How to Bounce Proof Your Marketing

[WEBINAR] How to Bounce-Proof Your Marketing

We all do it. We search for something that we might want to buy. We take a look at the product page.

And then we bounce.

Almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned before an eCommerce purchase is completed and more than half of web visitors stay on a webpage for 15 seconds or less. Bouncing is a real problem across every channel – even email, where click-through rates hover around 3% of less.

So how can you bounce-proof your marketing and keep customers engaged, loyal, and happy?

BounceExchange and Movable Ink are hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 5 at 1pm EST to answer these questions and more. Space is limited, so register to save your seat today!

Learn how to bounce-proof your marketing!

Here's what Google's algorithm change shows us about responsive design.

What the So-Called “Mobilegeddon” Tells Us About the State of Responsive Design

Last week, Google unrolled a new algorithm designed to deliver mobile users the best possible experience when searching for something on their phones.

Naturally, the marketing and design world called this phenomenon “mobilegeddon.”

The name is counter-intuitive. Google’s algorithm is actually more like an overdue dawn than a web-ending apocalypse.

Smartphones have been a main point of web access for years now. According to Pew research, 64% of Americans own smartphones and 10% have no other way to access the Internet.

So this change is a good thing for consumers. But it shows just how far companies have lagged when it comes to adapting to market trends.

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Travel industry emails

[Q&A] TripIt Talks Email Marketing Strategies for the Travel Industry

When it comes to traveling for business, customers have more options than ever before.

You can use apps, websites, wearables, and mobile devices to stay organized and ensure that you get from Point A to Point B.

Of course, many of these options can cause more problems than they solve. Anyone who has frantically searched their inbox for a plane ticket or travel itinerary knows just how frustrating this experience can be when you’re trying to make a meeting.

We recently got the chance to talk to Devin Ruppenstein and Charity Lorenzen, who are part of the marketing team at TripIt (owned by Concur), about how the company has worked to build email marketing strategies to solve these challenges.

Here’s what Charity and Devin had to say about TripIt, email marketing, and the travel industry:

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