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Email Spotlight: Lexus

An old adage, which Mark Twain may have coined (its origins are debatable), goes “everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Continue reading

Nickelodeon used weather-targeted, contextual marketing in an email campaign.

How Nickelodeon Used Contextual Marketing to Boost Click-Throughs by 75%

The forecasts were getting pretty dire. News channels were throwing out crazy words like “snowmageddon.” Businesses and whole cities were shutting down in anticipation of what was supposedly going to be a huge blizzard.

When Snow Storm Juno hit, Nickelodeon was ready. The morning of the storm (or light snowfall, depending on where you were), Nickelodeon sent out an email with a snow day activity pack for all the preschool parents who were going to be looking to do something with their kids once school got canceled.

By using contextual marketing in an email campaign, Nickelodeon’s marketing team ensured that the message around the email changed depending on the local forecast for every recipient.

But how? And how well did a contextual email message perform?

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Emails We Love: Hyatt Reservation Reminder

Real Time header
Display images to show your real-time weather forecast

Hyatt together with pinkUsing Movable Ink’s agile email marketing platform, Hyatt added a real-time weather forecast into reservation reminder emails. For example, the email to the left (click to view full-size) was sent from the Hyatt Regency Chicago to upcoming hotel guests and contained the 7-day forecast for Chicago that you see above, in addition to itinerary details.

By including weather information in the reservation reminder email, Hyatt not only helped their guests pack accordingly, but simultaneously demonstrated a high level of customer service before guests even stepped foot on the hotel property.

With Movable Ink, it’s also possible to show a real-time weather forecast based on the email recipient’s current location at the time of open, rather than a pre-specified location. Click here to see an example of personalized weather targeting in an email from Seamless.

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Emails We Love: Seamless (Weather targeting)

Seamless Weather

This email promotion from Seamless included a 3-day weather forecast at the bottom, targeted for each recipient’s location at the time of open. On days that showed rain or thunderstorms, the creative beneath the forecast read: “Don’t get drenched. Order in!”

Click image to the left to view full-size.