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[CASE STUDY] How Allen Edmonds Boosted Email Click-Throughs by 300%

The almighty click is an important indicator of whether your email marketing campaign is working. In fact, marketers consider click-throughs the number one indicator of success – even above conversions.

But the same study showed that low click-throughs in email campaigns are also the leading challenge for most marketers. Customers are flooded by email campaigns competing for their attention. It’s up to you to figure out how to create content that’s engaging and interesting enough to result in a click.

Allen Edmonds, a retailer that specializes in premium men’s footwear and apparel, recently started thinking about how to create that kind of content. One of the ways the brand built content was to start targeting by weather.

By sending sales emails that offered different creative and products according to the forecast, the retailer saw a 300% increase in click-through rates.

Want to learn more about how Allen Edmonds used contextual marketing in email?

Download the full case study to read about this campaign and three others from Allen Edmonds that took email marketing to the next level through weather-targeting, personalization, geo-targeting, and more.


Clickthrough Crisis

The Click-Through Crisis in Email… And How to Solve It

The humble click-through has always been a simple, straightforward metric for email marketers of all walks of life. Whether your company is an enterprise or you’re a single consultant, click-throughs are great indicators that customers are engaged.

Maybe that’s why email marketers worry more about click-throughs than anything else. A recent survey from Ascend2 found that nearly three-quarters of email marketers rank CTR as the most useful metric for measuring email performance – higher than any other metric.

Low click-through rates also ranks as the top concern for email marketers, with 53% citing it as a leading challenge.

So we’re in the mist of a click-through crisis. But with content marketing and contextual marketing at their fingertips, email marketers can create compelling, powerful content that improves click-throughs and conversions. Here’s how:

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Only 50% of email marketers like their ESPs.

Weekend Reading: Only 50% of Email Marketers Like Their ESPs

Happy Friday! It’s been another busy week at Movable Ink. We recently published our guide, “10 Responsive Design Hacks” to help email marketers find a straightforward resource when they’re working on designing responsive emails that look great on mobile devices.

We’re also prepping three great pieces on the UK email market: an infographic about the state of mobile commerce in the UK, a research report about the state of email and device preferences, and a UK-specific Inkredible 5 lookbook.

Email has very much been in the spotlight recently. VentureBeat discussed how many brands are challenged when it comes to finding an ESP that meets all their needs and eMarketer published a new survey about the leading challenges in 2015.

Here’s a breakdown of those stories and more for your weekend reading:

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[VIDEO] How to Design a Responsive Email

Google has updated its search algorithm. More than two-thirds of emails are opened on mobile devices. And the Apple Watch is opening up whole new ways for digital marketers to get in front of customers.

Responsive email design has become imperative for marketers that want to ensure that customers have the best possible experience whenever and however they open your emails.

But how can you build a responsive email? Well, aside from making sure you’re brushed up with the latest tips on making emails look great on mobile, you can find platforms that help streamline the responsive design workflow.

At Movable Ink, we provide a way for email marketers to streamline the process from start to finish. All you need is a .PSD file that you can upload into Movable Ink’s contextual marketing platform.

From there, you can slice and re-slice different parts of the file in order to create an interactive email experience.

Here’s a short video we put together to show you how it works, courtesy of Steven Joya, our community manager here at Movable Ink:
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The least and most mobile industries for email marketing.

[RESEARCH] The Most Mobile Industries for Email Marketing

Every quarter, we conduct email marketing research across more than one billion emails and compile the US Consumer Device Preference Report. Specifically, we analyze how people are opening emails and which devices they’re using to do it.

Last quarter, we discovered that almost 67% of emails were opened on mobile devices. In our Q1 2015 research, that number edged upwards, reaching just over 67% of all emails.

We also took a look at mobile commerce coming from email. In a separate study of almost 60,000 emails, we found that 63% of conversions were coming from mobile emails. But the iPhone converts a lot better than other mobile devices.

And how do different industries read emails? Well, our research found out.

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Email Examples

Weekend Reading: 100 Email Marketing Examples, Search is Mobile and Conversions are Next

It’s been another busy week here at Movable Ink! In addition to getting the recording up for our webinar, “How to Build Next Generation Responsive Emails,” we released our new research, the Q1 2015 US Consumer Device Preference Report.

We also hosted a new webinar, “How to Bounce-Proof Your Marketing,” with our friends over at BounceExchange and discussed in depth why email ROI beats social media ROI by a huge margin.

In April, we talked a lot about responsive emails and it seems like it was the time to do it – Google just announced that more searches are happening on mobile than desktops. Learn about that more this weekend:

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Terrible subject lines need to be changed to maximize conversions and opens.

5 Horrible Subject Lines and Why They Fail So Spectacularly

This is a guest post from Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice.

When it comes to marketing emails, consumers actually don’t mind them much. Some 60% of consumers say they read marketing emails, but only 16% do so with any kind of regularity.

Why the huge dropoff? Because in their haste to send off the next email blast, marketers too often employ terrible subject lines.

This surreptitiously undermines the remaining email marketers who understand the importance of the subject line and spend time constructing a clear, relevant 40-character phrase.

What follows are five of the most egregious examples of subject line gibberish taken directly from my inbox:

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Travel industry emails

[Q&A] TripIt Talks Email Marketing Strategies for the Travel Industry

When it comes to traveling for business, customers have more options than ever before.

You can use apps, websites, wearables, and mobile devices to stay organized and ensure that you get from Point A to Point B.

Of course, many of these options can cause more problems than they solve. Anyone who has frantically searched their inbox for a plane ticket or travel itinerary knows just how frustrating this experience can be when you’re trying to make a meeting.

We recently got the chance to talk to Devin Ruppenstein and Charity Lorenzen, who are part of the marketing team at TripIt (owned by Concur), about how the company has worked to build email marketing strategies to solve these challenges.

Here’s what Charity and Devin had to say about TripIt, email marketing, and the travel industry:

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