Weekend Reading: Millennials & Email, The State of Email 2015, and Email Segmentation

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Email Marketing Weekend Reading

As usual, the week has been full of email marketing news. If you’ve been looking around to see what’s happening, we’ve got you covered – we’ve rounded up three of the most interesting developments in email that can be perfect for some weekend reading:

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[WEBINAR] The Evolution of Email: Contextual Marketing & Real-Time Segmentation

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Real-Time Segmentation and Context

Years ago, email marketers could rely on the fact that everyone opening their emails was sitting in front of a computer. Smartphones and tablets have changed that. Now, your emails could be opened at any time, anywhere, and across multiple screens. What your customers are doing and how they’re accessing their inboxes has a big impact on your email campaign.

That’s what makes contextual marketing so important today. Customer context changes throughout the day and your emails should reflect that. That means thinking differently about marketing and creating strategies that allow for real-time segmentation, instead of segmentation based on static data fields.

To break down what brands have to do to effectively create a contextual marketing strategy and build real-time segmentation for every email campaign, Movable Ink and BlueHornet are hosting a webinar, “The Evolution of Email: Contextual Marketing & Real-Time Segmentation,” alongside Kat Johnson, Marketing Manager for Allen Edmonds on April 2 @ 1pm EST.

In the webinar, you’ll learn:

- How email segmentation is being used today

-Why customer context matters so much in a mobile world

- How triggered email campaigns can create lifecycle messaging

- How retailer Allen Edmonds used context and real-time segmentation to drive big results

Ready to learn about the evolution of email and start applying contextual marketing and real-time segmentation to your campaigns?

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16 Core Email Marketing Terms: What They Mean & Why They’re Important

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

You should know email marketing terms to get the most out of email marketing.

The basics of email marketing are simple: send an email and hope that someone gets it. As long as your email campaigns aren’t getting labeled as spam, you should theoretically live a long, fruitful life of email-driven profit… right?

Unfortunately, email marketing isn’t that easy. Your brand’s email campaign is going to be competing with the emails from dozens of other companies. So how can you tell that your email campaign worked? How can you talk about email performance? And what do all those email marketing terms mean?

Here are 16 different core email marketing terms that you should know, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the email marketing business a long time:

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Geo-Targeting in Email Marketing: Why Maps Can Be So Powerful

Geo targeting in emails can help boost sales and engagement.

You’re out having lunch somewhere and you check your email. Your favorite shoe store has sent you an email with a one-day only offer. But going out and buying shoes wasn’t really on the agenda, so what do you do? If you’re like most people, you probably delete it just to keep your inbox under control.

But what if the email had a personalized map that showed you that a store was right around the corner? Geo-targeting for email marketing can personalize a customer’s experience and transform an email into a useful shopping companion.

We’ve discussed how Steve Madden used geo-targeted emails to personalize the customer experience. Using email to show the location of nearby store to customers can help increase foot traffic to retail locations.

Another benefit of geo-targeting is highlighting places where products or rewards points can be redeemed. Recently, AIMIA did just that and saw some significant results.

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Contextual Marketing 101: A Real-World Example

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Contextual Marketing Examples

Marketers have a love-hate relationship with buzzwords. Mostly hate. If you’ve seen the phrase “contextual marketing” floating around lately, you might have even dismissed it as just another buzzword that will fade into obscurity. But contextual marketing is more about philosophy than terminology.

Basically, if you’re creating marketing that doesn’t annoy your customers, provides them with something useful, and enhances their experience, that’s contextual marketing.

Simply by acknowledging a customer’s context, you can create marketing that customers actually want to see. Case in point: in New York this morning, it was unseasonably cold. Think Coffee wrote a weather-targeted, contextual message on the chalkboard.

Or, in other words, they said it was cold. And then provided a call-to-action:

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5 Steps for Email Personalization You Don’t Actually Have to Take

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Steps for Email Personalization

Mention “personalization” to most email marketers and you’ll see the fear in their eyes.

Personalization means tapping into customer data. Generally, that means trying to merge all the databases and systems that are under the purview of different teams to create a single view of the customer – cleansing it, creating a central data governance strategy, and convincing stakeholders all along the way.

In short, it seems impossible.

Last year, a report from the DMA Annual Conference and Exhibition found that, among the marketers surveyed, only 50% are “enthusiastic” about the role of big data in the marketing industry. Other reactions ranged from “cautiously optimistic” (31%) and “uncertain” (14%) to “tepid” (3%) and “disillusioned” (1%).

But what if email personalization didn’t require all the big data heavy-lifting that you think? What if you didn’t have to change anything about your current email service provider and contact database?

Here are five steps that you don’t actually have to take to achieve email personalization:

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4 eCommerce Email Mistakes You Might be Making

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Email eCommerce strategies

Email strategy plays a pivotal role for just about every eCommerce company. But what happens when customers have actually given you their email address? A lot of the time, they’re bombarded on a weekly or daily basis with deals. Otherwise, they’ll never hear from the brand.

This is an easy mistake to make. Many eCommerce email strategies are based on getting as many sales as possible, but that overlooks a bigger opportunity when it comes to using email marketing for loyalty and relationship-building.

If you want to improve your email marketing program, first carefully review the kinds of mistakes so many eCommerce companies are making today:

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The Inkredible 5: Contextual Emails from Yahoo, Hyatt, and More

The Inkredible 5 Winter 2015It’s that time again – Movable Ink is excited to announce that the latest edition of The Inkredible 5 is now available. In the Winter 2015 edition of The Inkredibe 5, we explored how five different brands are using contextual email marketing in really innovative ways to build customer experiences through the inbox and provide truly personalized experiences.

In this lookbook, you’ll learn how:

  • Hyatt Gold Passport personalized emails for every rewards guest
  • Yahoo Travel hosted live voting directly wihtin the inbox
  • Udemy included GIFs in email campaigns that were specific to different mobile devices

Download the eBook to take a look at these Inkredible emails and more.

See the Inkredible 5!

Email Marketers Need to Pay Attention to the Apple Watch Announcement – Here’s Why

Monday, March 9th, 2015

The Apple Watch could mean big changes for email marketers.As with every Apple event, the Apple Watch announcement is – deservedly or not – one of the most hyped tech conferences of the year. Smart watches have been done before. They haven’t performed too well, either. There are serious questions about whether the Apple Watch will be a success or a failure, if it will redefine wearable technology or turn into another Google Glass.

But, if it’s possible, let’s put aside that debate for a second and focus on something else: the impact that this kind of wearable technology is going to have on email marketing.

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6 Ways You Can Increase Email Sign-Ups on Your Website

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Here's how to increase email sign ups on your website.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to build their email list, but if you’ve been on most corporate websites, it sure doesn’t look like it.

Email sign-up boxes are often tucked in the corner of the website, hidden away, while Facebook Pages and Twitter are embedded front and center, prompting people to “Like” and “follow” the brands on social channels.

If you can’t get people to sign up to your email list in the first place, you won’t be able to get ROI from your email marketing efforts. But how can companies increase email sign-ups on their websites and other digital properties?

Here are six ways that can help:

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