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CASL – Canada’s Anti-SPAM Law – Is In Full Effect

On October 7th, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced the conclusion of the first investigation under Canada’s Anti-SPAM Legislation (CASL), which was enacted this past July.

After a large number of complaints were made to the SPAM Reporting Center, the CRTC revealed that a server owned by a computer reseller sent millions of SPAM email messages. The commission had the reseller as well as its internet service provider halt all further messaging when this activity was revealed.

The Canadian government has said that it will not bring civil cases before the courts until July 2017. After which, individuals can be fined up to one million dollars and businesses up to ten million for each violation.

For those of you who don’t know CASL requires at the very least implied consent for marketers to send messages to recipients (meaning some sort of prior relationship).

For marketers based outside of Canada this rule applies as well, as it includes marketers who send emails into the territory as well.

It is very important that all senders begin to work towards CASL compliance as soon as possible so as to avoid these costly fines.

For more information on CASL, please visit the following page:

For a great comparison between CASL and the more well-known US version of the law, CAN-SPAM, please see a write up by our partner, What Counts below:

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Reduce the noise! Create engaging one-to-one experiences across channels.

With so much ‘marketing noise’ in the world today, it is hard for brands (or anyone) to clearly get their message across. Competing voices bombard consumers across digital channels in the hope that they’ll respond. It’s all too common to see different departments (web, email and social) set up in silos, unintentionally competing with each other, instead of working to form synergies to increase sales. As a result, hard working marketers, rather than drawing in focus around a single message, are inadvertently multiplying noise with mixed messages, distracting buyers from their ultimate goal – buying.

It is because of this, that marketers need to have a single, simple and consistent message that they project throughout all of their digital marketing channels. They need to leverage content from one channel into the others to ensure that they aren’t adding to the noise, but are cutting through it.

Movable Ink’s Web-Crop technology allows marketers to do just that, creating dynamic one-to-one experiences between the web and email. Web-Crops stream content from a company’s website right into email in real-time, not only making the message dynamic, but ensuring it delivers a consistent brand voice and experience. The selected content populates when an email is opened and can be refreshed based on a fully adjustable cache time.

Here are a few examples of companies who are streaming content from their website right into their emails.

7 For All Mankind (pictured below left) uses Web-Crops to ensure that inventory and prices on their website always match what their customers see in email, regardless of when a recipient opened it. The Wall Street Journal (below center) and Fortune magazine (below right), both financial news powerhouses, use Web-Crops to pull recently published stories into their email to increase subscriber engagement.

Seven For All Mankind Web-Crop      Wall Street Journal Web CropFortune Mag Web Crop

Movable Ink can create one-to-one social experiences in email through Twitter and Instagram too. In the same example above, Fortune streamed their Twitter feed into the message via Movable Ink. Their goal was to encourage sharing and participation by linking the conversation happening on social media directly to their email.

Pulling in content from other channels such as the web, Twitter or Instagram not only helps to create one-to-one experiences among different channels, but also helps with productivity. Marketers do not have to spend time creating different content for different channels anymore. They can cut through the noise with rich experiences in email through Web-Crop and social media pull-ins, leveraging what’s already been created and published on their web properties.

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